Jun 4, 2023
The <pre> tag html element represents preformatted text. 

HTML pre tag Example

Preformatted text with html <pre> tag:

Text in a pre element
is displayed in a fixed-width
font, and it preserves
both spaces and
line breaks

Pre Tag Definition and Usage

The html <pre> tag defines preformatted text.

Text in a <pre> element is displayed in a fixed-width font, and the text preserves both spaces and line breaks. The text will be displayed exactly as written in the HTML source code.

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Browser Support

Edge browserOpera browserChrome browser HTMLSafari browser HTML <pre srcset=“>Firefox browser HTML <pre srcset=“>

Global Attributes

The <pre> tag also supports the Global Attributes in HTML.

Event Attributes

The <pre> tag also supports the Event Attributes in HTML.

More HTML <pre> tag Examples


How to create a pre-formatted text using CSS with a fixed width:

<div style=”width:200px;overflow:auto”>
<pre>This is a html pre with that has been set to a fixed width of 200 pixels. It will use as much space as specified.</pre>

Default CSS Settings

Most browsers will display the <pre> element with the following default values:


pre {
  display: block;
  font-family: monospace;
  white-space: pre;
  margin: 1em 0;